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GSS Professor Collaborates with Alumnus on Latina Relationship Research


Fordham GSS Assistant Professor Jenn Lilly, Ph.D., teamed up with GSS alumnus Maddox Emerick, GSS ’23, this month to produce a qualitative research study examining Latina girls’ relationship preferences.

The paper, titled “Latina Young People’s Perspectives on Healthy Romantic Relationships: A Strengths-Based, Qualitative Inquiry,” was published in the Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy. 

According to the paper, there is a lack of research examining young Latinas’ relationships, despite that they are a group that experiences disproportionate rates of teen dating violence (TDV).

Here is a brief overview of what the study found:

What Latina Girls Want

Study participants wanted relationships where there is no violence or abuse. They also want to be able to communicate openly, be independent, and have equal rights in their relationships.

Relationship Influences

Young Latina women are influenced in their relationship thinking by the models they see around them (like their families or friends) and what they see in the media (like TV or movies).

Breaking the Stereotypes

Although Latina cultures can have ideas about men being more powerful in relationships, many study participants rejected this idea. This shows not everyone follows the traditional ideas that can sometimes lead to violence in relationships.

Read the full article here.


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