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#BlackLivesMatter: What Is Your Place In This 21st Century Civil and Human Rights Movement?


What does racial justice and racial equity in the 21st Century mean to you? Join Dr. Phillipe Copeland of Boston University’s School of Social Work, as he shares about  #BlackLivesMatter and its connection to social work and any profession committed to social change. He says #BlackLivesMatter has “emerged as a 21st-century civil rights movement”, and will explore the “opportunities and obligations” of this historical moment.

A special moment of healing from the historical trauma of racism will be facilitated by Anna Ortega-Williams, a doctoral candidate in Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service.

Saturday, February 20, 2016
2:00pm – 4:00pm

Fordham University 
Lincoln Center Campus
113 West 60th Street
South Lounge
New York, NY 10023

Dr. Phillipe Copeland is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Social Work. His scholarship, teaching and practice focus on the abolition of white supremacy and helping survivors recover from its consequences, with an emphasis on the criminal legal system. Dr. Copeland’s approach combines political and moral philosophy in action to promote social justice, democracy and social welfare. He is a licensed, practicing clinical social worker specializing in adult behavioral health.

RSVP to Jamie Saltamachia at or (212) 636-7464.

Download the event flyer.


Hosted by the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice and the Graduate School of Social Service.


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