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Tina Maschi and GSS Alumna Collaborate on NASW Article


Tina Maschi, Ph.D., professor at GSS, and Adriana Kaye, GSS ’20, recently collaborated on an article for the National Association of Social Workers’s fall/winter newsletter, Mental Health.

The article, “Co-Constructing Community with 2020 Vision of Care and Justice,” looks back at the history of the social work profession in order to move forward. Maschi and Kaye use “2020 vision” to stake their claim for a “caring justice approach” to social work. The approach is driven by soft skills and values, such as empathy and compassion.

“The caring justice approach is compassion-driven, consistent with counseling and community intervention approaches, and aligns with the Social Work Code of Ethics and social justice priorities for all practitioners,” Maschi and Kaye write, “but especially for those of us in mental health and human rights work.”

Read the entire article here. 


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