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Jordan DeVylder Receives NIMH Grant Funding for Suicide Prevention Study


Associate Professor Jordan DeVylder, Ph.D., has just received R34 grant funding from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) for his proposal, “Youth Nominated Support Team for Suicidal Adolescents at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis.”

According to the NIMH website, an R34 grant is defined as:

The NIMH supports clinical exploratory/developmental grants through the R34 mechanism. The NIMH R34 allows for a scope of up to 3 years and $450,000 over those 3 years, with no single year exceeding $225,000. The specific aims may not exceed 1 page and the research strategy should not exceed 12 pages. The longer time frame and larger budget are intended to support the additional costs that are inherent to clinical research.

DeVylder will act as co-PI on the study alongside University of California, Irvine professor Dr. Jason Schiffman, working on developing and testing a novel suicide prevention approach.

According to DeVylder, the goals of the study are as follows:

There are currently no suicide prevention approaches specifically designed for youth at clinical high-risk for psychosis. This project will adapt the evidence-based “Youth-Nominated Support Teams” intervention for transition aged youth and young adults receiving clinical services for emerging psychotic symptoms. Using client, family, and stakeholder input, we will develop, implement, and revise the intervention, and then test its impact in a preliminary randomized trial at four psychosis-risk clinics.

Congratulations, Dr. DeVylder!


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