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Cox and Maschi Publish New Book on Human Rights and Social Justice


Fordham GSS Professors Dr. Carole Cox and Dr. Tina Maschi have recently published their latest book, Human Rights and Social Justice: Key Issues and Vulnerable Populations.

Throughout the book, contributors focus on oppression and multiple forms of disadvantage and discrimination based on a person’s identity and social location in order to develop a framework to “advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice with vulnerable populations and communities across all three levels of practice.”

The volume is broken into sections that provide theory, practice, and case studies written by leading theorists. Social work students can use the text to enhance their awareness, knowledge, and understanding of key theories and issues related to diversity, human rights, and equity.

Providing a broad overview of social justice and rights-based challenges and connecting theory to the profession’s core competencies, this book is an excellent companion for social work students and faculty engaged in foundation and advanced courses in practice with individuals, groups, and communities and diversity and oppression.

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