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Watch Now: 2021 Fordham GSS MSW RA Research Symposium


In our first-ever Fordham GSS MSW RA Research Symposium, we highlighted the research completed by our very own MSW research assistants during the 2020-2021 academic year. Watch the recording of this mini conference, celebrate your peers’ accomplishments, and learn about the exciting and innovative research being done by faculty and students here at GSS.

Watch Now.

Research Assistants (Name and Presentation Title):

  • Laura John-Mora – Social Disability and Impairment in Childhood Anxiety
  • Danielle Galis – Optimizing Shared Decision Making in Depression Treatment for Underserved Populations: Evaluation of Needs and Barriers
  • Malinda Eberly – Mutuality as a Catalyst for Social Change: a historical study of East Harlem’s Little Sisters of the Assumption
  • Allison M. Adler – Together We Grow: Creating Innovative Paths to Increase Access to Health and Mental Health Care for Women Asylum Seekers in NYC
  • Simone Hopwood – Community Health Workers: Community Impact and Implications of Rising Profession
  • Michael Blecher – Police Violence and Public Health: A Crisis We Can Not Ignore
  • Rina Goldstein – Suicide Stigma and Suicidality in Young Adults in the U.S.

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