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CSWE Annual Program Meeting 2016


The 62nd Annual Program Meeting will be held in Atlanta, GA, on November 3–6, 2016. The conference theme, Advancing Collaborative Practice Through Social Work Education, was selected to reflect the importance of collaborative practice across different contexts to the preparation of future social work professionals.

GSS Faculty and Administrators: Leaders in CSWE and in Social Work Education

  • Debra McPhee – Chair of the Commission on EducationPolicy (supports the Council on Field Education and the Council onPractice Methods and Specializations) and member of the CSWE Board of Directors
  • Shirley Gatenio-Gabel – Chair of Commission on GlobalEducation and member of the CSWE Board of Directors
  • Tina Mashi – Member of the Council on Practice Methods andSpecializations
  • Manoj Pardasani – Graduate Program Representative to the National Nominating Committee
  • Susan Egan – Member of the Commission on Membership and Professional Development
  • Elaine Congress – Member of the Commission on Membershipand Professional Development

APM Events

GSS To Host Centennial Reception
Saturday, November  5, 2016
7:00-9:00 PM
Imperial Ballroom
Atlanta Marriot Marquis

Presentations by Faculty

Elaine Congress
“Advancing Quality Continuing Education Without Borders: Challenges with Portability Between States.”

Shirley Gatenio-Gabel
“Promoting and Teaching the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations”

Shirley Gatenio-Gabel
“Utilizing the Sustainable Development Goals to Support Social Work Practice”

Manoj Pardasani
“Transitioning From Faculty Member to Associate Dean: Challenges, Opportunities, and Surprises.”

Rose Perez
“Coping With Unique Challenges Among Migrant Populations: Implications for Social Work.”

Ginny Strand
Sandy Turner
“Field and Student Perspective on Clinical Competencies needed by MSW Graduates.”

Ginny Strand
Marciana Popescu
“Partnering with Field Agencies to Build Evidence-based Trauma Treatment Capacity.”

Linda White-Ryan
Janna Heyman
“Integrated Health Care: Strengthening Social Work and Interprofessional Education ”

Presentations by Students

Mimi Abramovitz
Jennifer Zelnick
“Street Level Bureaucracy in the Era of Neoliberalism.”

Kimberly LB Grocher
Dr. Julie Gilliam
“Investigating Mobile Technology Tools for Social Workers”


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