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Fordham/Molloy Program Celebrates 25-Year Partnership in Style on Long Island


On Friday, September 30, members of the Fordham GSS and Molloy University communities gathered at the Molloy campus to honor the two programs and their 25-year partnership.

For over two decades, this collaboration has allowed Long Island residents to pursue their passions through an MSW degree that best fits their lifestyles. The Fordham/Molloy MSW program is currently offered through two avenues: traditional face-to-face, and a hybrid option.

In the traditional program, students split their time between the Fordham Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan, and the Molloy campus. This gives Long Island students the opportunity to experience the culture of New York City, while maintaining balance in their schedules by minimizing the commute on “Molloy” class days. 

Additionally, students have the option to attend classes in a hybrid manner, taking in-person classes at Molloy, and online, remote classes through Fordham GSS. This option offers the flexibility of online education, while also letting students form an in-person community of their own on the Molloy campus.

Through both options, graduates receive a Fordham University MSW degree. 

The Celebration

The celebration kicked off with some education and those coveted CEHs for all in attendance. Sharon Grand, Ph.D., owner of Wavelengths Psychology, Neurofeedback, and Counseling, conducted an interactive workshop titled “How to Stay Sane when the World Seems Crazy – Understanding Compassion Fatigue, Avoiding Burnout, and Re-Discovering Joy.”

Our chosen career has the capacity to impact us over time and change our thoughts, feelings, and world view,” Grand wrote in the course description. “This presentation focuses on recognizing and understanding the signs and symptoms of burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue.”

Grand discussed the differences between compassion fatigue and burnout, and provided the audience with tools to better identify the signs and symptoms of each. To round it out, participants were taught strategies of how to practice self-care to not only counter burnout, but to achieve peak performance in the workplace.

After the workshop concluded, the night of connection and celebration began.

“I really appreciate all of the Molloy and Fordham faculty who work together to educate our students,” Debra McPhee, Ph.D., dean of GSS, said. “I hope we can do this for another 25 years together.”

Joanna Suppa, director of the Fordham/Molloy MSW program, led the team that organized the event. It has been one of her many outstanding efforts to cultivate a strong Fordham/Molloy community in the year since she has started the position. 

“In such a short amount of time she’s brought so much positive energy to our students and our staff,” McPhee said of Suppa. “I have great hopes of growing the program even further in the future with her.”

Award Recipients

The celebration also included a segment for three alumni awards: The Emerging Leader Award, The Field Placement Award, and the Alumni Award of Excellence.

Each award recipient was nominated by those in the Fordham/Molloy Communities for their dedication to social work and the program.

Emerging Leader in Social Work Award Recipient: Brittany Baez

Recognizes Fordham/Molloy alumni who have emerged as exceptional leaders
within their organizations and communities since graduating within the last five
years, showing dedication and impact in the field of social work.

Field Placement Award Recipient: Gabriela Taciak

Recognizes a current Fordham/Molloy student who has, in the
judgment of the field advisor and field instructor, gone above and beyond in their
field placement while demonstrating initiative and creativity.

Alumni Award of Excellence Recipient: Cathy Menzies, LCSW

Recognizes Fordham/Molloy alumni that demonstrate consistent, outstanding
service to clients, the community and/or the profession. They create impactful
and lasting contributions to the field of social work.

A Couple Soundbites

“As a Fordham/Molloy alum, I am so proud to be here to celebrate 25 years of successful collaboration between Fordham University and Molloy.”

“It is an honor to be a social worker in the field working with the homeless and also to be here today for this celebration.”

“I have been working in the professional social work field for the past 15 years, and I really appreciate Molloy’s effort to provide an excellent continuing education program.”

“The topic of compassion fatigue and burnout are so important for social workers to be mindful about. The presenter was awesome!”

“I loved the Fordham/Molloy program and took the bus every Saturday from Long Island to Fordham at Lincoln Center and made so many wonderful friends that I still stay in touch with today.”

Photo Gallery!

Please check out some pictures from this great night below!


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