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Alumni Spotlight: Natalie Gutierrez, GSS ’22


Natalie works full-time at the Child Center of NY as a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) providing individual psychotherapy to children, teens, and adults. She also works as a fee-for-service clinician at Orchard Blue Counseling Services, which focuses on providing holistic psychotherapy to BIPOC children and teens.

Natalie said her Fordham GSS MSW education led her to a mindset of curiosity, which has helped her tremendously in the workforce.

My time at GSS helped shape me into a social worker who was curious, insightful, and thoughtful,” she said. “As a new social worker, jobs have appreciated how I approach everything with curiosity, and that I am continuously trying to learn and grow my skill set.”

She also credited the Fordham GSS faculty for embracing her inquisitiveness.

“My professors at GSS were always very open and encouraging to my questions, and readily available to support me outside of class as well which was very valuable, and they always assured us that it is okay to have questions and not know everything,” she said. “This was important for me to learn early on, because as social workers, our clients are the experts of their lives and story tellers, and we are the listeners.

“As a first generation Latina graduate, it’s very easy to experience imposter syndrome when navigating your early career, however my GSS education and the skills I learned there have allowed me to feel confident in my ability to work with the populations I serve.”

Thanks so much for all of your great work and for keeping in touch, Natalie! #ForeverARam

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