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Nancy Wackstein Appears in New York Times


Nancy Wackstein, GSS’s director of community engagement and partnerships, appeared in the New York Times yesterday in an article titled “New York Has a Cameo in ‘The Crown.’ Here’s What Really Happened.'”

The article covered Princess Diana’s 1989 trip to New York City, which was recently shown in “The Crown,” a Netflix historical drama about the royal family. According to the New York Times, “Diana’s February 1989 visit to New York functions mostly as a backdrop for her psychodrama and her unraveling marriage, and the city  is cast as a crumbling capital ravaged by crack, AIDS and homelessness.”

The story goes on to detail Diana’s trip to the Urban Family Center on New York’s Lower East Side, run by the Henry Street Settlement — a nonprofit organization GSS continues to work with on a regular basis. Wackstein, who worked at the time for Manhattan Borough President David N. Dinkins as a policy adviser on homelessness, helped set up the trip and thought it had a very positive impact on addressing the city’s homelessness problem.

Wackstein said:

“From a policy level it was spectacularly good. Many of us were pushing for development of more residences like this to address the homelessness problem.”

Find the full story here.


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