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Dr. Kimberly Hudson Achieves Certification as a Certified Patient Experience Professional from Patient Experience Institute

headshot of Dr. Kimberly Hudson

Kimberly Hudson, Ph.D.

Kimberly Hudson, Ph.D., assistant professor at the Graduate School of Social Service, recently achieved the Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP) designation. The certification, awarded by the Patient Experience Institute (PXI), signifies that recipients possess the qualities of a leader who influences the systems, processes, and behaviors that cultivate consistently positive experiences. Recipients must also have the knowledge and practical experience necessary to pass a rigorous examination.

In addition, certification achievement highlights a commitment to the profession and to maintaining current skills and knowledge in supporting and expanding the patient experience field. Hudson joins an elite group of healthcare professionals committed to ensuring the best in experience for all they care for and serve.

Research Passions

As a researcher, Hudson is committed to ensuring access to quality health care for all people, particularly LGBTQ-identified individuals and communities. According to Hudson, the patient experience is a key predictor of whether a person will continue to engage in health care seeking and utilization. Health care experiences of LGBTQ-identified people are particularly important to consider, as research has consistently shown that bias, discrimination, abuse, and refusal of care are issues LGBTQ-identified patients are more likely to face than cisgender and heterosexual individuals. These likelihoods are dramatically greater for low-income LGBTQ populations and LGBTQ people of color. 

“As the patient experience movement grows, we recognize the important contribution professionals attaining certification as CPXPs will have. This designation is significant as it underscores and reinforces the critical focus on the patient and family experience in today’s healthcare environment,” said Jason A. Wolf, President, the Patient Experience Institute. “The recipients of this certification represent a visionary, thoughtful, and committed group of individuals focused on changing the landscape of healthcare for the better.”

CPXP certification is an international designation intended for healthcare professionals or other individuals with a commitment and interest in patient experience improvement. 

About the Patient Experience Institute

The Patient Experience Institute (PXI) is an independent, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization committed to the improvement of patient experience through evidence-based research and professional development efforts including certification and continuing education. PXI’s focus is on providing a framework for supporting the development of the field of patient experience in conjunction with its sister organizations, The Beryl Institute and Patient Experience Journal.

For more information about PXI and the CPXP designation, visit


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