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MSW Student Speaks to NY City Lens on Insulin Legislation Problems


Fordham GSS MSW student Gabbi Cisneros recently spoke to the NY City Lens about the implementation and interpretation of the Affordable Insulin Now Act, a bill passed by The U.S. House that would cap copays for insulin at $35 a month.

The way the bill was written, advocates say, may allow insurance companies to skew the language and take advantage of those who need insulin to survive — specifically by charging those who need two types of insulin for each individual type, doubling the copay. And with insulin prices spiking by 4,500% over the past 25 years, these interpretations can come with big costs.

“I will not be able to afford to buy the amount of insulin that I need to survive,” said Cisneros, who is also an advocate for Insulin for All, a volunteer group advocating for transparent and lower insulin costs in New York. “I have my dreams and goals, but those might change because the most important thing is to find a job that gets me insurance because I need it. I won’t be able to afford everything without it.”

Read the full NY City Lens article here.


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