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Mackenzie Lerario Publishes on Neurology Blogs


GSS MSW student Mackenzie Lerario, MD, has just published an article on Neurology Blogs about outdated symbols of masculine oppression in the workplace, and the importance of authenticity in such environments.

The article, titled “The Necktie in Professional Dress Codes: An Outdated Symbol of Masculine Oppression,” focuses on the necktie and the symbol it can represent at work. “While wearing a men’s suit and necktie, my spoken words were pearls and valued as such,” Lerario wrote. “When wearing a dress and makeup, men would speak over me in meetings and intimidate me into submission behind the scenes.”

Lerario concludes on an inspirational note, highlighting the importance of self-love and authenticity:

“Now that I move through the world as myself– a pansexual, transfeminine, genderqueer human– I proudly put my necktie on each morning the way my father taught me. Because in authenticity, I have found inspiration, strength and passion in leadership. And when you have these qualities, there is no longer reason for dominance and no longer room for complicity or silence.”


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