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GSS 2023 Alpha Sigma Nu Honorees


On Wednesday, April 12, all Fordham University Alpha Sigma Nu members were honored in a ceremony at the Rose Hill campus.

Congratulations to all the GSS students who earned Alpha Sigma Nu status this academic year!


  • Christina M. Anglemyer
  • Chelsea M. Bonosky
  • Brielle H. Braun
  • Shannon Carlson
  • Ivan Kamatuoran R. Carnice
  • Pablo Carrion
  • Vanessa J. Chavez
  • DeAnne M. Coles
  • Emily M. Crabbs
  • Nicole A. D’Alessandro
  • Chloe King
  • Benjamin D. Kull
  • Jessica Latorre
  • Z P. Lerario
  • Maureen T. Markey
  • Logan C. Meeker
  • Ebony T. Morris
  • Pilar S. Muhammed
  • Emily R. Mullin
  • Kathleen N. Murphy
  • Jesus Manuel Paniagua
  • Eve G. Pollack
  • Stephanie B. Porto
  • Ashlee N. Reilly-Hunt
  • Wendy Rosenberg
  • Bridgid K. Tatlow
  • Ryan J. Thompson
  • Maggie Tai S. Tucker
  • Anna C. Williams

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