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Rahbel Rahman Publishes on Community Health Workers and Narrative Medicine


GSS Assistant Professor Rahbel Rahman, Ph.D., recently published an article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine on Brazilian Community Health Workers (CHWs) and their use of narrative medicine (NM).

“Narrative medicine encourages health care providers to draw on their personal experiences to establish therapeutic alliances with patients of prevention and care services,” the article states. And while much has been published about physicians and nurses’ use of narrative medicine, research on how CHWs use these methods has not been widely explored.

The article is just the latest of Rahman’s efforts to highlight the CHW profession, and the important role they play in the healthcare system. We covered her passions and motivations in an earlier feature, and this publication feeds perfectly into the narrative (no pun intended) on why these CHWs are so crucial during the COVID-19 recovery plans.

From the article’s conclusion:

This study adds to patient perspectives on how CHWs apply NM concepts to build and sustain four types of relationships. Findings suggest the need to improve provider–colleague relationships by ongoing training to foster cooperation among FHS team members. More generous organizational supports (wellness initiatives and supervision) may facilitate the provider–self relationship. Public education on CHWs’ roles is needed to enhance the professional and societal credibility of their roles and responsibilities. Future research should investigate how CHWs’ personality traits may influence their ability to apply NM.

Read the full article here.


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