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Jordan DeVylder Article Selected for Psychiatric Services’s “Editor’s Choice” Collection


Jordan DeVylder, Ph.D., associate professor at GSS, was featured this month in Psychiatric Services’s January 2021 “Editor’s Choice” collection for his article, “Evidence for Differential Predictive Performance of the Prime Screen Between Black and White Help-Seeking Youths.” Psychiatric Services is a peer-reviewed, monthly medical journal published by the the American Psychiatric Association.

The collection, titled “Racial-Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health Care,” originally appeared in June of 2019. It focused on “characterizing the problem, financial considerations, quality of care received, and proposed solutions,” according to Psychiatric Services.

Psychiatric Services updated the collection this month due to the extreme importance and attention given to the topic, while expanding its contents to other subjects as well.

DeVylder’s article reported its objective as seeking “to examine whether a commonly used self-report screening tool for psychosis risk performed equally among black and white youths in its ability to predict clinical high-risk status.”

The article’s “Conclusions” were as follows:

Results suggest that consideration of race or ethnicity and associated cultural factors is important when screening for clinical high-risk status. Findings support the need to develop culturally valid early psychosis screening tools to promote appropriately tailored early intervention efforts.

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