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MS in Nonprofit Leadership Student Spotlight: Josephine Cochrane


Why do you want to be a Nonprofit Leader?

“By Any Means Necessary”, that has been my motto ever since I heard it many years ago, while I was living in darkness.  I had made up my mind to first, change myself, and then go back and assist others to change through education.   There are those of us who are still living in the abyss of darkness, the darkness that tells us that we will never make it, we will never amount to anything.  I had to use any means necessary to get where I am today and I still have a ways to go, but the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter.  Many doors were slammed in my face, but that just made me stronger.  I have to make a change, and it starts with education.

Why a Fordham MS in Nonprofit Leadership?

At Fordham I grew, I learned about social justice, privilege, diversity, Illnesses, suffering and most important the suffering of self.  With every semester I reflected on the future, my past and my current journey as well as remembering those I left behind, those who do not know who, what, where, they are and where they are going upon release.   With this thought in mind I kept going another year.   By any means necessary, I strive, and I keep going. There are days with little food, no money for books, just enough money to take the train to school and back home, but I push forward, because Fordham has opened my mind and my heart to innovative social justice. I have discovered a diverse way of thinking, and I want to share this with the world of criminal justice.  My eyes are open, because I want to make a difference.

Fordham has a new curriculum and it’s about starting up a nonprofit. The doors are opening. I will begin my new journey to assist those of us coming home to better their lives.

The Dean’s Challenge

With our new president and his executive orders to tear down the walls that were built by great  Americans of  social justice and equality for all human beings, I reflect on all the teachings I received from GSS and know that my work is cut out for me and the struggle begins. I also reflect on our Dean’s message of educational importance and tradition, the strong academic trajectory from undergrad to grad school.  The power that Fordham has afforded me is phenomenal, and has only pushed me in going for my Masters in Science of Nonprofit Leadership so that I will be at the forefront of social justice, equality, and helping those that are forgotten in our society.

May there be Peace and Blessing on Earth.


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