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Jenn Lilly Receives 2022 Fahs-Beck Fellow Grant


GSS Assistant Professor Jenn Lilly, Ph.D., has been named a Fahs-Beck Fellow by the Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation. Congratulations, Dr. Lilly!

The grant, administered by the New York Community Trust, will allow Lilly to explore her project titled “The HOLA Project (Health Opportunities for Latina Adolescents and Young Adults).”

Description of the project below:

The HOLA project will examine the socioeconomic, cultural, political, and environmental contexts that influence Latina youth’s mental and sexual health opportunities. In alignment with the goals and priorities of the Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation, this community-engaged research will actively involve Latina youth as co-investigators in understanding and developing solutions to the structural conditions that impact their mental and sexual health. Using a participatory digital approach, this qualitative research will accomplish the following aims: (1) elicit richly detailed narratives of Latina AYA’s mental and sexual health experiences that highlight the influence of structural factors across socioeconomic, cultural, political, and environmental domains; (2) develop a highly valid, evidence-informed theoretical framework grounded in Latina AYA’s narratives that describes the structural determinants that lead to and resilience strategies that prevent or mitigate the persistent mental and sexual health disparities within the Latina AYA population; and (3) collaboratively develop a transmedia storytelling intervention to increase healthcare practitioners’ structural competency and improve their relationships with Latina AYA clients. Accomplishing these aims will increase understanding of how structural factors influence Latina AYA’s well-being and leverage these empirical insights to develop an accessible, digital intervention to improve Latina AYA’s healthcare experiences and health outcomes.


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