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Opportunities and Challenges for Data Science and the Social Services Sector


Fordham GSS Associate Professor Lauri Goldkind has published research highlighting the limitations and challenges of applying data science methods in the social services sector, particularly when dealing with small data.

The article, titled “Big ideas, small data: Opportunities and challenges for data science and the social services sector,” emphasizes the importance of considering the volume, quality, and context of available data, as well as the potential dangers of extrapolation. Goldkind, along with co-authors Geri Louise Dimas and Renata Konrad, suggests three ways for data scientists to enhance their contributions in this field: refining and leveraging existing data, improving collaborations with social service professionals and researchers, and respecting the limitations of the data. By addressing these considerations, the article continues, data scientists can better support decision-making processes and contribute responsibly to the social services sector.

This research was published in Big Data & Society. 

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