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Watch Now: Race, Law, and Social Work: Serving Communities of Color Using Anti-Racist Principles

This conference explored the issue of race in the fields of social work, the law, and law enforcement. For years, communities of color have been plagued with over-surveillance by both police officers and social workers in social services agencies. Panelists discussed the role of social workers, lawyers, and police in providing services to communities of color using an anti-racist lens.
Our main topic of conversation was one of collaboration: Is it possible for social workers and police officers to work in partnership with communities to keep residents safe? Panels featured the voices of current law, social work, and law enforcement professionals and students who are committed to anti-racist principles, and who want to work toward promoting social justice in their careers. The discussion focused on the challenges and present solutions for effective community partnerships.

Watch Now

Panel One:

  • Jennifer Jones Austin, Esq., CEO, Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (FPWA)
  • Bennett Capers, Professor, Fordham Law School
  • Derrick Jackson, Director of Community Engagement, Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office
  • Renae Lockhart, Sergeant, Raleigh Police Department
  • Moderator: Anne Williams-Isom, James R. Dumpson Chair in Child Welfare Studies

Panel Two

  • Felecia Pullen, Fordham Doctoral Student; Founder and CEO, Pillars
  • Celia Goble, Fordham Student, Dual MSW/JD Program
  • Casey Dean, Fordham Student, MSW Program
  • Carlos Rojas, Fordham Student, Doctoral Program
  • Moderator: Kandra Knowles, Fordham Doctoral Student and Licensed Social Worker

Transition from Panel One to Panel Two:

  • Tina Maschi, Ph.D., Professor, Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service

Sponsored by:

  • The Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service
  • The Fordham GSS Action Committee for Racial and Social Justice
  • Fordham GSS Dual MSW/JD Program

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