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Mentoring Latinas Graduation and Awards Dinner

The Club Amigas/Mentoring Latinas graduation and awards dinner was attended by over 60 mentors, mentees, and their families. Club Amigas continued in our tradition of inspiring, festive, and moving tributes from the mentors to their mentees as they received their diplomas. The mentors were also recognized for their year-long efforts to build supportive and positive relationships with their mentees.

One mentor spoke of her mentee, who could not even look at her directly in September and did not talk much to her. By last night, they had bonded in such as way that Roberta (the mentor) said she felt she got as much emotional support from the mentee as she had given to her.

The mentees brought their mothers, fathers, grandparents, younger siblings, and cousins to the dinner. They were very proud of their young Latinas. Last night’s celebration showed how much the middle school and high school girls have grown in confidence, social skills, and ability to form positive relationships.

When the school grades are completed at the end of June, we look forward to seeing academic advances as well.

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