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Advance Your Career As a Nonprofit Leader


Since 2010, The Fordham Center for Nonprofit Leaders has engaged in educating and supporting the next wave of Nonprofit Leaders through its Executive Education Certificate (EEC) program.

This innovate program combines a curriculum of management excellence and social justice skills, by joining the expertise of The Gabelli School of Business and The Graduate School of Social Service. Students in this program can expect to leave with a concrete understanding of what it means to manage a nonprofit, as well as uphold the mission of the organization.

According to student perspectives, this kind of collaborative program is now a necessity. Ibet Hernandez, Director of Social Work at Bronx Lebanon Hospital, said, “I focused for many years on perfecting my clinical skills and neglected the business side of social work practice. In these tough economic times, it becomes increasingly important to know how to utilize business principles to push social agendas”. Many students enroll in the EEC program after realizations like that of Ms. Hernandez.

Students can participate in our program at our Manhattan or Westchester campus.

Another sought after resource from some of the students enrolled in the EEC program is the use of a mentor. Upon completion of the EEC program, each student can select a mentor for the following 12 months, who is either a present or recent CEO of a nonprofit organization. Students find the use of a mentor to be critical in their career growth. Alison Davis Curry, Executive Director of NYDG Foundation, states, “From my mentor, I learned that this field is rich for mentorship. We started a conversation about insurance and are now working on a collaborative program”. It’s not unusual that new projects are brought about from these newfound mentor relationships.

The Executive Education Certificate Program is now accredited to offer 18 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) to social workers who participate.

The unique aspects of our program combine to support participants in becoming successful heads of nonprofit organizations. Join The Center for Nonprofit Leaders this Spring to further your career!

Mica McKnight, MA
Program Associate, The Fordham Center for Nonprofit Leaders
Fordham University
Graduate School of Social Service
113 West 60th Street
New York, NY 10023


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