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Doctoral Alumni Awarded Grant to Investigate Risk Factors Among Homeless Emerging/Young Adults


Fordham GSS doctoral alumni Antoine Lovell, GSS ’22, was recently awarded a grant of up to $225,000 by the Trinity Church Wall Street Philanthropies to investigate risk factors among homeless emerging/young adults by using historical data from New York City public school students and the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS).

Lovell earned the grant alongside Co-PI Dr. Dennis Culhane, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice.

About the Project

The project (Research and Predictive Analysis of the New York City Homeless Population) represents a new approach that investigates risk factors among emerging/young homeless adults by using historical data from NYC public schools and the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). Specifically, administrative data from ACS will be used to develop school-based strategies among students at risk of homelessness that will be utilized to inform housing stabilization through policy and programs for emerging/young adults (18-24). Utilizing a cluster outreach strategy, public schools that are identified as having a large homeless child population within a specific catchment area will be identified for stabilization outreach and services. By intervening early and connecting families to support services, students may benefit both emotionally and academically, ultimately providing better outcomes for housing unstable families and improving the connection between schools and housing.

This project aligns closely with Trinity’s commitment to ending mass homelessness among families and improving housing outcomes for vulnerable adults, including those involved with the criminal-legal justice system. The proposed studies would enable City policymakers and service providers to better target a variety of housing and service programs to prevent homelessness where possible, and to expedite exits from homelessness.

Congratulations, Antoine!


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