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Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Fludd, GSS ’03


Amanda recently wrote and published an Audit Friendly Guide to Writing Progress Notes, and it is now available on Amazon!

The work is titled Noted! A Simple Guide to Writing Audit-Friendly Progress Notes with Ease. It is a culmination of years of Amanda’s clinical experience in settings like OMH Psychiatric Hospital for Children, School-Based Mental Health Programs, and Private Practice, where notes were required and essential.

“The guide is geared toward making our documentation lives easier with the language and formats to do so in one place (something I wish I had earlier in my career),” she said. “Fordham has taught me to start where the client is and this guide allows us to better tell their stories without the fear of if we are ‘doing right.’ It’s also a reminder to all of us as social workers to continue to think outside the box with our skills in terms of how we can support and serve at scale. The possibilities with our degrees is endless!”

Thanks so much for all of your great work and for keeping in touch, Amanda! #ForeverARam

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