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Nancy Wackstein named to City & State NY “Community Engagement Power 50”


Even in retirement, former Graduate School of Social Service Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships Nancy Wackstein is still making waves in the profession.

Wackstein has been recognized by City & State NY’s “Community Engagement Power 50” list, which honors NY leaders who have proven themselves as advocates and activists on important issues, such as criminal reform, census outreach, and other pressing matters.

“City & State’s first Community Engagement Power 50 recognizes an array of accomplished individuals who carry out this type of work day in and day out,” City & State NY’s website reads.  “Unlike other power lists, the Community Engagement Power 50 is unranked and is listed in alphabetical order, given the challenges associated with concretely evaluating one’s ability to engage with communities and comparing it across so many diverse sectors. This list – researched and written by City & State’s Kay Dervishi – features New Yorkers in government, nonprofits, businesses and other organizations that dedicate a great deal of time and energy to connecting with communities across the state.”

Wackstein is an accomplished NY social worker and activist, from her time with the Dinkins administration to her tenure as Executive Director at Lenox Hill Settlement House. We sat down with Nancy last month when she announced her retirement from GSS, to try and cover her career and achievements. It was a tall order.

Congratulations, Nancy!


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