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Fordham Mourns Lincoln Center’s Longest-Serving Employee


“Joe Caputo loved to work and he loved to dance. Some knew him as the “Mayor of Lowenstein” and others knew him simply as “Our Joe.”

Caputo, a supervisor of faculty support and office manager at the Graduate School of Social Service (GSS) since 1968, passed away on Feb. 15 of cancer at age 68. He could often be found out on the plaza, which knew well as he had been enjoying the space since it was built 47 years ago.

“He was very proud that he was the longest serving employee at Lincoln Center,” said Peter Vaughan, dean emeritus of GSS.

Vaughan was with Caputo two days before he died and said that that Caputo was planning a move into a new apartment.

Caputo’s brother, Andy, said “it was only in the last few weeks that he was thinking of retiring. He loved going to work.”

An avid dancer, Caputo served as a board member of Times Squares, a square dance club in Manhattan. Members there said they remember him as someone who always wore a positive, good-hearted smile.”

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